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[Limited Stock] PRO - Inner bag -Detachable / カスタムメイド・プロ インナーバッグ - 取外し可能

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  • KURASHIKI Canvas with Antique Oiled Leather Col. Navy / Tan  倉敷帆布にアンティ―クオイルレザー ネイビー/ナチュラル

    40,000 JPY

  • KURASHIKI Canvas with Antique Oiled Leather Col. Olive / Black  倉敷帆布にアンティ―クオイルレザー オリーブ/ブラック

    40,000 JPY

  • KURASHIKI Canvas Off White with Horween Shell Cordovan Color 8.Burgunday  倉敷帆布にホーウィン・シェルコードバン オフホワイト / カラー8 ヴァンガンディ

    52,000 JPY

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[Our MTO is currently available. Please contact us to inquire about the availability.] We are holding a Limited Stock Sale! For more information about the customizable parts of the bag, check out the MTO website for more details: https://tote-bag-mto.mailchimpsites.com/our-materials-en For details on how to order about our Inner Bag, please contact us directly by email. ******************* Kunei tote bags and inner bags are renowned for their stylish yet practical design. This series of bags are multi-functional and crafted with high-quality artisan materials. The leather parts of the bags are made with British Bridle Leather, one of the world's finest leathers, while the body of the bag is constructed with KURASHIKI Canvas, the pinnacle of Japanese canvas. These bags are suitable for both smart casual and casual outfits, and their colors and designs can be customized to match your personal style, creating them your dream bag. ******************* Item: Made-to-order (MTO) inner bag PRO (No shoulder strap is followed) Size of the bag: W37 x H28 x D2 cm Country of origin: Japan ******************* Main Material: Handle/ corner patch: British Bridle Leather One of the finest leathers in the world, well-known for its strength and longevity, and subjected to be water-resistant. Body: Japan KURASHIKI Canvas KURASHIKI uses soft and strong yarns by twisting them with several 100% cotton yarns with time by using a traditional twisting skill that has been handed down for over 130 years. It remains light while being durable at the same time. Also, it is water-resistance. ******************* Customizable parts of the bag: Handle/ corner patch color (4 selections) Body color (4 selections) Snap cover color (3 selections) Inner cloth pocket color (3 selections) Leather mark edge color (4 selections) ******************* Design highlights: - The most suitable choice for going light with your 13-inch MacBook Pro and other essentials. - The KURASHIKI Canvas utilized in our bags is lightweight and a water-resistant textile that offers exceptional protection for all your belongings. - Lightweight materials are adapted to ease your worry about your travel. -Can be used with our Totebag as an inner bag, or using it as a standalone bag. Being a shoulder bag while equipping our premium shoulder strap. デザインの特色: - 13インチまでのラップトップを収納でき、その他の必需品をスマートに持ち運ぶことができるので、身軽に出かけるのに最適です。 - 私たちのバッグに使用されている倉敷帆布は生活防水加工された帆布なので、身の回りの大事な持ち物を安心して入れていただけます。 - 軽量な仕立てをしているので、旅行時の心配を軽減できます。 - 取り外して使えるトートバッグの内ポケットとして使用することもできます。また、ショルダーベルトを装備することで、ショルダーバッグとしても使用できます。 - 私たちのバッグに使用されている倉敷帆布は生活防水加工された帆布なので、身の回りの大事な持ち物を安心して入れていただけます。

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